Magnolia Greens 2022 Junior Golf Team

As PGA Junior League Golf is the key youth initiative of PGA REACH, the PGA of America’s charitable foundation, the program is committed to limiting cost as the barrier to entry for youth and golf. To request further information regarding scholarship availability, please contact

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  • Boys and girls 13 & under (12 player max)
  • Registration opens August
  • Sign up deadline September 20
  • Team Magnolia
    • Ages 6-13
  • 5 Jr League matches
  • 7 group practices
    • Wednesdays 5:30-6:30PM September 14-October 26
  • Fall season rate $175 + $99 PGA fee for new players

Players will receive:

  • (2) PGA Jr League team home (orange) & away (blue) performance polos
  • draw string bag
  • hat or visor
  • PGA Jr League logo sticker
  • bag tag
  • flag stickers…after winning a 3 hole segment!

Teams will play a 9-hole best ball format scoring alternating players every three holes. Great fun format!

To sign up for the Fall season, click the link below or email Coach Matt :

click here for fall season

Jr. PGA League Golf Also Includes:

Practice privileges, Group instructional sessions & Weekly team practices

Other teams we will compete with:

First Tee of Greater Wilmington and Pine Valley Country Club

Parent volunteers needed for matches!

Player Conduct Expectations

  • Players acknowledge that the purpose of PGA Junior League Golf is to have fun with friends.
  • Players agree to demonstrate sportsmanship, teamwork and a positive attitude.
  • Players agree to be respectful of fellow players, spectators, coaches, and facility staff.
  • Players agree to care for the golf facility and leave it in better condition than they found it.

Spectator Expectations

PGA Junior League Golf is the perfect spectator sport for the entire family.

  • Spectators acknowledge that the goal of PGA Junior League Golf is for players to have fun with friends.

  • Spectators agree to refrain from participating in players’ strategic decisions.

  • Spectators agree to defer the enforcement of rules to players and team leaders.

  • Spectators agree to abstain from coaching the players.

  • Spectators agree to abstain from caddying.

  • Spectators are encouraged to cheer, have fun and be supportive of the players.

  • Spectators agree to demonstrate sportsmanship, respect and a positive attitude.

Matthew Gordon, Director of Instruction