Professional Golf Instruction

Private lessons are available throughout the year during the day and evening at Magnolia Greens with Matthew Gordon, Director of Instruction or his Assistant Instructors. We promise to provide quality golf instruction specific to students’ needs and goals, a friendly learning environment and prompt first class service to all.

45 Minute Lessons  Matthew Gordon, PGA Assistant Instructors:

Jay Zahran

Greg Pitts, PGA

 One Lesson $105 $90
 Series of Three $270 $240
 Series of Five $400 $375
 Series of Ten $750 $700
(Two students add $25/lesson)
 Juniors (16 and under)
 One Lesson  $75
 Series of Five  $325
 Semi-private (two students)
 add per lesson… $25
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Playing Lesson – 2 Hours On-Course

Learn about playing golf on the golf course. From warm-up to that final putt, students will learn how to get more enjoyment out of their round of golf.

  • Individual Playing Lesson – $175
  • Semi-Private Playing Lesson – $260
  • Group of Three – $295

Player Development Package

Add $50 to any series of lessons
For the golfer dedicated to improving their game and lowering their scores. This package begins with a 3-hole playing assessment that includes a player evaluation and goal setting. From there, schedule your series of private lessons customized to enhance your skills based on your needs assessment to reach your golf goals. This package is most effective when scheduled in 6-8 week timeframe in order to maximize progress.

Matthew Gordon, Director of Instruction